Internet profit library -- Collection notice

Tampa, Florida 1 comment

Out of the clear blue sky, I get a collection notice from

Apex Solutions

7251 W. Lake Mead Blvd Suite 300

Las Vegas, NV 89128

Internet Profit Library said I purchased a 14 day trial and failed to cancel. Under no circumstances did I intend to purchase anything from

that company. The past due amount was $139.95 If I did not call

866-728-1476 within 15 business days from the date of the letter it would go to a "3rd party for collection which may have the ability to effect your credit report and credit score. I my attempt to inquire about the charge the lady hung up on me when I asked for a clear explanation of the charge.


Bremen, Indiana, United States #158242

They did the same to me. What do we do to stop this?

Internet Profit Library is trying to rip us off!

Dallas, Texas 0 comments

I have no recollection of ever signing up for any type of home-internet business, nor giving my credit card number for such a program to help itself to one penny of my money. But now I receive a letter from Apex Solutions, LLC down in Vegas telling me they can't seem to get at my money through my card, so it's urgent that I send them $139.95 like, yesterday.

I've never used their 'what-ever', and I hope the entire gang will hold their breath until they get my check. :- After hearing some of the accounts told by my cousin who has MS Schooling, there's no way that I'd go for such an okedoke.

I hope they all get their just reward!!!

Internet Profit Library Scam

Las Vegas, Nevada 1 comment
Not resolved

Same as all other complaints for Internet Profit Libraray.I realized it was a scam within a couple of hours.

I canceled on line. No confirmation of cancelation as promised. I had to cancel the credit card that I gave them and now they sent me a letter from so called collections dept. saying I need to pay them 139.95.

They offed to settle for $100.00 if I pay now.

I believe this practice is illegal and I don't think they can send this to the credit agencies.I will be consulting a lawyer friend of mine to make sure.


Review about: Internet Profit Scam.



can they make you pay the collection agency

Internet Profit Library charged me for nothing then sent collection

Denver, Colorado 3 comments
Not resolved

I got a bill from "Internet Profit Library" asking for $139.95.They said I got a 14 day free trial package.

My credit card was not accepted and to send them the money or they would use a 3rd party collector to come after me. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO THESE PEOPLE ARE. I got no products or service from them. They say in their letter "they are willing to resolve the problem." Their resolve is to threaten me.

I cant call them this weekend I can only call during working hours.

Isn't that awkward - calling a group like this during work hours.Do not trust "Internet Profit Library" to do anything but profit from your bank account.

Review about: Free Trial.


Hanna, Wyoming, United States #158240

They did the same to me. They sent me to collections after my card was declined and the last 4 numbers of the card they said does not match my card. How do we stop this!


They did the same to me!!!How do I resolve this?

I am a senior and on a fixed income and do not wish to have any bad credit!5-20-10


yes they did the same to me

Internet profit library member rip-off >>$1.79

Orlando, Florida 8 comments
Not resolved

I got email Dec 8, regarding availability for an Internet Profit Library Membership (how to make money with the internet) which would cost only $1.79.The 1.79 was for a 'kit' which never arrived.

They sent me an email a day or so later, indicating membership. I do not understand where they mention a charge for $77.83/mo; (likely in invisible ink subscript) if you do not cancel your membership in 5 days. They charged me Dec 11 and Feb 15. I caught this because I had made a habit of checking my bank charges daily.

Fortunately my credit card was closed for a few days in Jan.

They offer a $20 refund.I will send a report to BBB

Review about: Internet Profit Library Membership.



they a guy name jason mendez tellin me to give him my credit card number 4 the 1.97 an i told him i had to check it out be 4 i gave it to him and he hung up on me this is the number he called me from619-600-5334 yes i do beleave this is a scam so watch out


I just got ripped off, I signed up wirh Web profit coach and they charged me 1.97 and 74.99 within 5 minutes of signing up,I tried to call them but they just keep you on the phone waiting,I had to cancel my debit card a real inconvenience to me plus being ripped off I will make a claim on monday as this is the week end and can,t do any thing now,the lady I talked to assured me that they wouldn,t do anything until after 7 days,I,m thru trying to get honest people about home business on the internet (Disgusted )


I just got a call from some hard to understand woman about this company, they must

have got my info from another website i enquired, I googled it while i was talking and found this. No fuxxxxx way , don't give your credit card to any of these people, $1.97 will turn into hundreds before your done. The scams are multiplying like roaches, it is getting worse by the day..


Me again The web site they gave me was is this the same for any of you. the phone number is 877-669-2970 and I cannot reach anyone through either. I guess I'll cancel the credit card anyway


:sigh OMG I don't believe I fell for this as well.Now I can't even get through to the customer service number they gave me.

It just keeps telling me i am caller 2-9 and then starts over again. I am unable to enter the web site to boot. Any suggestions????

Does anyone have any other options for a legit.internet business?????????????


yea, i just cancelled my account, they dont even give it back to you either, the 1.97$ i only had it for like 2 hrs.....i should've known better, i suggest project payday, go there!


I got a call from a company selling me that same internet business but under a new name Web Profit Coach and they have a website but you must be a member to get on the website and they try to get you to join over the phone. I did not give them my credit card info and I told them that I needed to check with the BBB and the rib off report before considering such an offer. I am glad I did because I think this is the same scam.


you are not alone in this one. No one should have any dealings with online with the company that is located on:

If you get caught up in it cancel your credit cards immediately because this company distributes your credit card info to other companies, and you will be get billed by them also.

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Internet Profit Library

New York, New York 8 comments

Internet Profit Library defrauds people by charging $1.97 for a non-existent kit.They defraud people by promising to send a kit for that amount when in reality, they will charge your account, 4 days later, $79.95 for the kit every month, if you dont cancel the membership 5 days after the initial contact.

But the $79.95 is charged 4 days later. I called 5 minutes later after I let them charge my credit card acct. $1.97 and I had to call 2 times before I could cancel the "membership". Tina Williams, a rep, informed me that I would receive a confirmation e-mail of my cancellation, but could not give me a cancellation number.

Google is not associated with them.Their claims are fraudulent.



I got the same problem!Exact same amount as other people here $139.95.

I cancled the same day I signed up for it but without the confirmation number (Which I was told would be emailed to me and never was) apparenlty I'm still responsable for the charges.I will find a way to fight this.


Looks like they are sending a bunch of 'collections' letters out in May 2010.

Just got mine...Perfarce program but not the 1st I'm sure...or theirs either!!!


I have same problem with them,and now they send me letter form collection department to pay them 139,95$,can they do that???what is more I tried to contact them and do not have phone number


I never received anything in my mail or email canellation or otherwise. Now they have my call collections companys so they don't have to deal with my rage.

PS How DO we cancel our internet profit library?????


Same thing,get a collection notice for $139,95 due??

When I order something ,I get something ,here I NEVER ordered anything and get a bill for WHAT?

What a Scam that internet profit library.


I just received a collection notice saying I owe $139.95 for something I never ordered. I called them and they said they are willing to lower the price to $99.99 if I pay now. I tod them I am NOT paying for something I never ordered.


in addition to being charged for $77.83 for an unreal kit my information was forwarded to other sites that charged me for kits that I had not ordered or were aware of untile the charges was placed on my account. Then there is a dispute about a trial period that I was not aware of. These people are vermon.


how can i cancell my internet profit library?

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Internet Profit Library - Defrauded me $1.97 in "shipping charges" to charge $79.95 5 days later

New York, New York 1 comment

Internet Profit Library defrauds people by advertising $1.97 "shipping" for a non-existent immediate information kit.You are really charged $79.95 4 days after you let them charge your credit card $1.97 and the same amount is charged every month until you realize it is fraud.

I cancelled my subscription 5 minutes after I was charged the $1.97 and it was not until my 2nd call within 1 hour that the representative, Tina Williams, informed me that I would receive a "cancellation confirmation" e-mail within 24 or 48 hrs. Today is Dec 10, 2009. She said she could not give me a Cancellation Number.

Google is not associated with them.They are a fraudulent company.


Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #141970

yes they gave me a website that i can't even pull up on the internet.

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